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Laser welding processing system changes life

The Cutting Edge of Laser Welding Technology

Laser welding is one of the most important and promising laser processing technologies today. The quality of laser welds depends directly on the intelligence and precision of the welding system. This article explores the components and capabilities of state-of-the-art laser welding technology.A laser welding system consists of the laser, optics, machine tool, monitoring systems, gas supply, and controls. The laser itself is at the heart of the system.

laser welding robot

laser welding robot

Laser welding provides extremely high precision, efficiency, strength and speed – ensuring quality, output and timely delivery of products. It has become a go-to processing method for high-precision industries like electronics, aerospace, and instrumentation. Ideal laser welders offer high power output, wide dynamic power range, controlled ramp up/down, and low-order beam modes for clean welds. Lasers used include CO2, YAG, fiber, disc and direct diode. High power direct diode lasers are compact, efficient and increasingly commercially available.

China is at the global forefront of laser welding innovation. Our technology can form large, complex titanium components for aerospace applications. In 2013, Chinese experts received the prestigious Brooker Award recognizing these laser welding achievements.Today laser welders are widely used in autos, ships, aircraft and rail to enhance quality of life. Appliance makers like Haier use laser welding to increase durability and usher in a new era of precision manufacturing.As laser technology continues advancing, it will bring transformative improvements across industrial fabrication. Our team stays on the innovating edge of this exciting field. Contact us to learn more about our laser welding capabilities.


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