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Floor and Wall printer

Machine model
Wall and floor printer
Print size
2.45mwidth/ unlimited length
Nozzle model
Japanese Epson DX7/10
Number of nozzles
ultrasonic sensor
Ink color
CMYK+W(Red yellow blue black and white)
Printing speed
6-15 m2/h
Picture format
jpg、png、tif、psdEqual format
Movement mode
Wheels and rails
Folding size
Machine weight
Use power
Detection function
Fully automatic hyperboloid sensor, up and down two-way detection wall ground bump, accuracy up to 1mm
Power failure recovery
Yes (the software stores data in real time, and the previous print will not be scrapped due to power failure)
Nozzle inspection function
Yes (software detects nozzle condition)
Color calibration function
Yes (software color correction)
Print distance adjustment
Yes (print size and distance can be adjusted by software)
Power failure endurance
Yes (self provided UPS mobile power supply is required)
Inkjet positioning
Yes (the laser cross locator makes the picture print to the specified position)
Foldable disassembly
Yes (1.1m after folding, ordinary SUV can be installed, which is convenient for transportation)
Picture splicing
Yes (seamless splicing of pictures can be realized) If the parameters change, the actual conditions prevail.

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ground and wall printerDescription:

The new Intelligent Direct Painting 3D printer from Iray Laser – engineered for versatile hi-resolution printing on floor and walls.This innovative multi-function inkjet printer supports single and double nozzles to meet diverse printing needs for indoor and outdoor spaces. It delivers stunning photorealistic quality up to 3000mm in height and unlimited width.

With its onboard LCD screen, the printer is easy to operate without a computer using unique digital positioning and partition printing technology. Red light positioning enables precise prints even for super-large murals.The 3D Effect printer produces exquisite, durable prints using specialized inks that adhere securely to surfaces. It’s ideal for customizing homes, offices, commercial spaces and more with custom floor and wall art.Unleash your creativity with the Intelligent Direct Painting 3D printer. Achieve gallery-worthy results directly on floors and walls with the quality and capabilities of this multi-function machine.


1.Can Be applied to a variety of materials wall, for example White Wall, LATEX PAINT WALL, Shell powder wall, ceramic tile, glass KT board, metal,canvas wall.

2.Supports printing both color ink and white ink .

3. The number and type of printing nozzles are optional, different printing speed and printing accuracy.

4. Print height can be customized, unlimited length.
We cooperate with forwarders experienced in the ocean transportation will guarantee your machine safety. We also provide train transport, especially to Russia, Ukraine and other inland countries.

Q: How many colors does it print with?

A: CMYKW synthetic uv ink.

Q: Does the must be flat?
A: No, it can print on uneven walls within 15mm ups and downs.

Q: How long does set up when I receive?

A: About 15 minutes to assemble.

Q: How does it move – Wheels or rails?

A: The machine moves along the rails and wheels, depends on the machine model.

Q: What file types can it print?


Q: What is the print size?
A: Standard is 2.5m*6m, can be extended.

Q: What materials can it print on?

A: Brick, wood, glass, tile, metal, canvas, cement, fabric and so on.

Q: What is the warranty?

A: 1 year warranty covering defects.

Q: Can it print gold, silver, etc?

A: Yes, the 3D effect inks can print metallic colors.

Q: Does it require WiFi?

A: Yes, tablets can be used to control it wirelessly.

Q: How often is maintenance required?

A: Every 6 months.

Q: What is the expected lifetime of the printings?

A: At least 8-10 years even outdoors

Q: Who manufactures it?

A: We have our own R&D and manufacturing facilities in China.




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