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Does UV laser marking function hit metal products?

Does UV laser marking function hit metal products? The answer is yes, then why not use UV laser marking machine to hit metal products, there are the following reasons:

1, UV laser marking machine cost is relatively high, from the cost of this to consider, metal products use fiber laser marking machine is more suitable, fiber laser marking machine power is high, in the metal such products engraving strength is just, and fiber laser marking machine price is more affordable, if only marking metal products, with fiber laser marking machine can be.

2, UV laser marking machine is mainly used in ultra-fine marking, such as some circuit boards, glass, electronic components, etc., usually this kind of product marking requirements are higher, UV laser marking machine using 355nm wavelength laser, focusing spot is small, for general sensitive materials will not occur burnt out, and can be more accurate focusing.

3, UV laser marking machine power is small, it may be difficult to achieve the effect of manufacturers on metal materials, conventional UV laser marking machine power is: 3W, 5W, 10W, 15W, etc., and the minimum power of the fiber laser marking machine is 20W, and then it is 30W, 50W, and even 100W products are also more common, and the power determines the field of use is different, and each has its own advantages.

In the purchase of laser marking machine, each kind of material for the absorption of laser is different, the absorption of light affects the marking effect, choose the right product, there is no need to force a laser marking machine can play a lot of products.keyboard laser marking machine


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