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Wall printer

Printing Head
2 pcs Epson 10 generation HD industrial print head
Painting Accuracy
Painting Speed
Main-board Configuration
8-core CPU, 8GB DDR memory,High speed USD I/O
UPS Battery Life
About 12 hours
Painting Direction
Working Temperature
-10°C-60°C (14°F-140°F) 10%-80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage Temperature
-30°C-60°C (-22°F-140°F) 10%-80% relative humidity, non-condensing

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wall printerDescription:

The wall printer allows you to instantly print photos, art, and documents directly onto your walls. Using an easy-to-use software Ultprint, you can easily manage the wall printer. It will then use specialized adhesive inkjet technology to print in full color onto the wall, in sizes ranging from wallet photos up to full wall murals over 15ft wide. With this innovative device, you can turn any blank wall into a customized art or decor piece. It’s perfect for home offices,restaurant, schools, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and any outdoor walls . The wall printer makes decorating walls easy and instant.


  1. Versatility – Print photos, art, posters, documents, and more in a range of sizes from small to mural-sized.
  2. High-Quality Prints – Wall printers use specialized inks and printing techniques to create gallery-quality prints on your walls.
  3. Adhesion – The adhesive ink bonds securely to the wall for a print that won’t peel or flake off. Much more durable than paper prints.
  4. Space Saving – Printing directly on the wall eliminates the need for frames which take up space. Creates a streamlined look.
  5. Easy to Use – With user-friendly apps, wireless connectivity, and straightforward controls. Anyone can decorate with a wall printer.
  6. Cost Effective – Less expensive in the long run than constantly buying frames and prints. Reuse the printer again and again.
  7. Endless Creativity – With the ability to print any image in any size, the possibilities for custom wall art are limitless.
We cooperate with forwarders experienced in the ocean transportation will guarantee your machine safety. We also provide train transport, especially to Russia, Ukraine and other inland countries.

packing and shipping

Q: How many colors does it print with?

A: 5 CMYK inks – cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white

Q: Does it require a flat wall surface?
A: No, it can print on slightly uneven walls.

Q: How long does setup take?

A: Only 10 minutes to assemble.

Q: How does it move – Wheels or track?

A: The machine moves along the track and wheels, depends on the machine model.

Q: What file types can it print?


Q: What is the printable height?
A: Standard is 180-200cm, customizable up to 400cm.

Q: What materials can it print on?

A: Brick, wood, glass, tile, metal, canvas, cement, fabric and so on.

Q: What is the warranty?

A: 1 year warranty covering defects.

Q: Can it print gold, silver, etc?

A: Yes, the 3D effect inks can print metallic colors.

Q: Does it require WiFi?

A: Yes, tablets can be used to control it wirelessly.

Q: How often is maintenance required?

A: Every 6 months.

Q: What is the expected lifetime of the printings?

A: At least 8-10 years even outdoors

Q: Who manufactures it?

A: We have our own R&D and manufacturing facilities in China.

indoor wall printing samples

outdoor wall printing samples



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    1. Dr. Peter Baggan

      Very interested.
      Please reconfirm maximum size(length x width).
      Do you have a model to do both walls and floors.
      Do you supply consumables such as ink and printer heads.
      Do you have any clients in the Caribbean close to Trinidad and Tobago where I can see a live demonstration?
      What is the cost of the unit and do you offer a package for the consumables?

      • Thank you for your comment.
        The maximum height of this model is 3.5m, ground rail is 6 meters,no limit for printing length.
        Yes we do have printer both for wall and floors. You can see this link: https://www.iraylaser.com/product/wall-and-ground-printer-printer-for-both-wall-and-floor/
        And I will send you more details by email.
        So far there is no cliens in your city but some potential clients from your country. Most of our clients are from North America and Europe. We can send to your country.
        The cost depends on configuration, let’s discuss more through emails.
        We pack in firm wooden case, together with ink and some other parts.

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