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The difference between hard and soft uv wall printer ink

How to choose wall printer ink? There are a variety of inks on the market, of which UV ink is popular and widely used because of its environmental protection, slow decay and bright color, usually the CMYKW uv ink.
UV wall printer ink, as the name suggests, is a special ink for UV flatbed printers and wall printer, which is divided into hard ink and soft ink.

hard and soft ink difference


Advantages of hard and soft inks

1.Advantages of hard ink: for hard materials, better adhesion, finished gloss, color saturation, stronger three-dimensional sense of the image, friction resistance, not easy to fade off;
2.Advantages of soft ink: soft ink has stronger pressure resistance and ductility, can be applied in a wide range of fields, high color saturation, good reducibility, waterproof, weather resistance, printed patterns will not be forced to distort the material will not crack.
Range of use of hard and soft inks
Use of hard ink: metal, glass, hard plastic, tile, acrylic, advertising signs and other hard materials or can do composite microcrystal process (some materials need to be coated);
Application scope: cosmetic packaging, mobile phone holster, leather, advertising cloth, soft film, advertising flexible materials, etc.In the actual UV printer printing process, hard ink and soft ink are not good or bad, and some products are hard and not easy to bend; Some products are soft and easy to bend in half, and the appropriate ink can be selected according to the material of the print.

In our company, the ink for wall printer is usually hard uv ink, it’s widely used on unfoldable materials such as metal, glass, plastic, palster, concrete and so on.If you mostly print on soft materials such as fabric , we suggest you to use soft ink and buy a special printer for fabric. Feel free to consult whenever you are in puzzle.



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